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From now on this pop-up will come up if your are not registered or logged in. Hopefully this will bring in more members and more people to roleplay with.

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 *Rules* (Please read)

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PostSubject: *Rules* (Please read)   Fri Sep 17, 2010 6:36 pm

Welcome to Avatar!

I would like you to read the rules before you start making your character.

OCC (Out of Character)
Rule 1: No abusing or discriminating against other members on the site. We will not tolerate that sort of behaviour.
Rule 2: Respect each other nicely and if you are going to argue, keep it to the PMs please.
Rule 3: No spam in any of the threads.
Rule 4: More than five words in every OCC post, any lower and it will be considered as spam
Rule 5: Listen to staff at all times and not argue with them.
Rule 6: Be nice to the members, staff. Talk to each other nicely

Character roleplays
Rule 1: No Mary Sues or Gary Dues
Rule 2: No godmodeling
Rule 3: No spaming in the threads.
Rule 4: At least 50 words or more for replies to posts, try your best to beat that limit.
Rule 5: Don't control other characters, only your own.
Rule 7: Use a spell checker for grammar and spelling.
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*Rules* (Please read)

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