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 My Travels

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Aiguo Ling
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PostSubject: My Travels   Sun Oct 03, 2010 4:28 pm

It was a dreary exsistence; having to travel from place to place in a rushed amount of time. That's why Aiguo couldn't feel anything but being numb, and bored. His stomach ached of hunger, and clenched together asking for food. He had the urge to yell at his stomach, and exclaim that he didn't have any food to eat extra, he only had a little bit left that he could only ration so much. If he ate; his mouth with savor the flavor and want more. He couldn't loose his food supply, looking how far of a travel that he had to get to his next stop on training: Kyoshi Island. They have the best fish and bakery supply in the world, which meant great food at great prices. His scarce supply of pieces were going to help him out here. Plus, he figured that it could allow him a good place to train. His hand traveled across the leather quiver where his arrows laid, and then set his bow in front of him incase of an attack. He stepped onto the small rowboat, and let the waves take him away.

"This is a hard way to travel.." the boy noted, but the sail managed to move along. From traveling through the forests, his arms were tired and his legs ached so he had no energy to row the boat. He simply sat and hten aimed his bow for any animals that came. Luckily, he had shot down a couple of lobsters and shoved them into a bucket; they could make for good cooking later. Digging into his food supply, he pulled out a handful of dried fruit and put them into his mouth, chewing softly on two pieces before putting the rest back. It was all that he could eat, so he made it last. Mango and Strawberry He knew the flavors. Sweat trailed down the side of his face and he took in a calm breath before looking forward. No signs of land.
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My Travels

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