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 Advertising Away...

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Kida Tsume
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PostSubject: Advertising Away...   Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:40 am



So this is my dragons vs wolves fantasy role play. It's been all set up for a while now, but what we really need are more members! Basically what's going on is that the humans pretty much had an apocalypse and the wolves took over the land. Dragons had been in hiding during the last few ages of the Old Earth and came back when they vanished. The wolves weren't so ready to share the new land, there was a war, and the next generation (we, the role players Smile) is growing up holding hostilities against one another because of the war. The world-wide plot isn't totally solid beyond that, but it's more meant to be made up of other sub-plots among the players.

So enough of me rambling. Please consider joining? I put lots of work into it and it's somewhat disappointing having only eight active members :/ Thanks for reading!
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Advertising Away...

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