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The Four Nations: Fire, Water, Earth and Air
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 Exploration of the air temple(open)

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Riku Lakuri
Water Bender

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PostSubject: Exploration of the air temple(open)   Sat Oct 16, 2010 3:16 pm

Riku had decided when he left Kyoshi Island to head to an air temple, and one of the closest ones was the eastern air temple. He arrived there and started to look around. He loved the history behind the air temples, and was excited to go and finnaly see one. This had brought back a memory, one he wished to stay hidden from himself:

"hey mom!" a 12 year old Riku yelled to his mom."Look what I made!" he followed up as he ran into her room."What is it, sweety?" his mom had asked."I made a small boat out of ice!"Riku said, excited."What are you going to do with it?" his mom asked."I'm gonna travel the world! First, I have to make it bigger."he said. His mom started to cough, and it was getting worse. She fell on the floor and started to pass out."Mom!"Riku yelled."Dad! Mom just fell on the floor while she was coughing!" he yelled. His dad rushed in and took her in his arms and ran off, leaving Riku there wondering what happened.

He realized he hadn't waited much longer to leave and go around the world. Being burdened by this thought, he tried to push it away. He didn't know how it got back in his head. Resisting the urge to cry he sat down and took a look around.
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Exploration of the air temple(open)

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