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 Fyedka ((Open))

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Jian Fen
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PostSubject: Fyedka ((Open))   Fri Oct 22, 2010 6:01 pm

Jian sat gazing into the lake, she could see her watery reflection. Her knees were pulled up to her chest, and her head rested on her knees. She wore her simple dress and pants combo, it was warmer here but she still wore her cloak with hood. Her hood was pulled over her head, to sheild her from the world yet again. She felt so lost and alone. She felt her world slipping away, she had tried to do something, but ended up in an embarrassing failure. dooming thoughts clouded her alread raging mind,

Why did you say anything? Why did you even try? Even your own kind hates you, you are nothing, you even hate yourself. Hot tears began to run down her face, she harshly wiped them away, furious that she would let herself become this. Isn't that what you have always wanted to be? Strong? You trained yourself and when the test came, you failed...like your parents. more tears came but she didn't even move to wipe them. She just gazed at her pitiful form in the water, her mind wandering to fond and not so fond memories.

She would of just stayed there for ever, or so she thought, but she heard it. First she thought it was simply her mind losing itself, but she saw a flash in the water. She was up quickly, just as well she felt the thing leap onto her and sink its teeth into her shoulder. She let out a scream, and fell onto her back. She heard a yelp and though her shoulder hurt she turned to face it. There in front of her was a black wolf. Instead of one tail there was 6, i must have been about 5 feet tall, but very thin and wispy like. Im dead, Im dead Im dead Im dead was all she could think, then it struck her Your only dead if you tell yourself so she stood only a second in her epiphany, for she turned to fight the creature. He stared at her with yellow eyes beckoning her to try.

She didn't want to move to grab an arrow so she just used the bow itself. He lunged at her and she moved to the side, swinging out with her bow. It caught him in the side, but he turned and snapped at her, he raced at her again and she caught him in the neak with her foot, but his claw came and sliced it. She brought her bow down on his back but he moved quickly. This wasn't getting any were, to win a fight with a wolf, fight like one she figured, and crouching low she lunged at him arms out stretched.

Smiler to when she jumped on Sora she and the wolf tumbled. she got the upper hand (Thank goodness for aposable thumbs!) and she had her hands on the wolfs neak, reaching for her bow she would finish him. But something stalled her hand, what was this? He was on his back, belly exposed, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, eyes wide with fear, he had submitted.

Am I his Alpha? she wondered, to test this she backed off, he got up and she looked right into his eyes, and he laid down, head between paws "Cool!" she said quietly. She took a few steps backwards and he followed, she crouched down, and at first hesitant he came alittle closer and she gently touched his head, he winced, but let her pet him, she stood up a final time and she followed her, he was hers. A smile erupted on her face, dooming thoughts still taunted her but she ignored most of them, she wasn't alone any more. She called him Fyedka, which means gift.
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Fyedka ((Open))

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