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 Pause in the tracks.

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Seiko Milek
Earth Bender

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PostSubject: Pause in the tracks.   Wed Oct 27, 2010 10:37 pm

Seiko stared out at the calm waters in front of him, reminiscing about years past. The water was such a commodity in the desert where he grew up, it seemed to be calling out to him. Seiko took a step forward, and looked down at it's shimmering surface. He felt strangely connected to the water...Perhaps it was through his mother, the water-tribe woman who fell in love with his father. Why? Seiko would never know, the drunk cruel man he was, but the connection was there, definitely. Seiko drew his cloak around him, not that he was cold physically, but cold with memories. Your the reason she stayed in that insufferable city, Seiko! A voice whispered in his ears. Seiko shuddered. He had hoped that with leaving the city and sandy ares would clear the voices out of his head, but he was proved wrong. The voices still spoke to him, and Seiko realized that he could probably not escape it.

Seiko felt weak. He didn't even earth-bend to get a seat, instead he stumbled his way down to a rock near the shore. The lake looked less appealing. memories came floating back, ones that he was trying to forget since leaving the village. He remembered playing with sand, moving it around in his hand, as he had been training himself to do. He wanted to be a sand-bender, like the other, older boys in the village. His mother didn't agree. She looked out the window t see the yong seiko moving sand and dirt small scale, across the floor in front of him. He remembered her yelling to him to stop messing around, and get to work. His voices, however, told him to rebel. Seiko cringed, remembering the voice in his head. It was the reason he left the village, or as they think, exiled, sent off for his weird non-traditional ways. He even was an earth-bender. one of their own, and they sent him off. He was too dangerous, too crazy to be kept around, even on a leash.

Seiko was glad to have left, but that doesn't mean he missed the familiarity of home, the sand he conquered, the small hut where his drawings were held. He had forgotten them in the heat of leaving. Curses. Seiko thought as he stood up, his balance had returned. Taking his hood off, Seiko ran hand through his dark hair. His skin mirrored that of a water-bender, a gift from his mom. His eyes, however, were a piercing green:gift from no one. his dark green clothes rustled with the wind that rolled the lake. Seiko closed his eyes, imagining the earth moving beneath him. He didn't have much strength, but Seiko managed to raise up the earth beneath him, in a sort of pillar on which he stood. Seiko calmly sat down, trying in earnest to block out the small voice that was gaining power inside of him.

Seiko opened his eyes then, and looked at the steeper view of the lake. He wasn't exactly at peace, and Seiko wasn't sure of his plans from here, but he was glad to have this moment, however twisted it might seem in years ahead.What he wasn't planning on though, was it being interrupted. But yet he found himself feeling like he was being watched.
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Dee Chu
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PostSubject: Re: Pause in the tracks.   Thu Oct 28, 2010 12:56 am

Dee was bored, and when Dee was bored, she did her best to become un-bored. After all, what was the point of boredom? Nothing. Exactly. And so she found herself meandering down the path towards Lake Laogai.

Dee's footsteps slowed as she approached the lake. Bad things had happened here. People had been brought here to be brainwashed and forced to forget the war. People had been killed here. In fact, she had heard stories that the Avatar himself and his friends had battled here. But Dee rarely paid attention to these stories; what did they matter compared to the here, and now?

Her steps slowed even more, and then halted as she reached the bottom of the hill and stared at the water. The surface of the lake was smooth and glassy, without the slightest ripple to disturb the mirror-like water.

Feeling a sudden urge, Dee jabbed her heel into the ground. A small rock shot up and she caught it, then heaved it as hard as she could into the lake. It landed with a satisfying splash and she smiled. Dee liked the feeling that she'd made an imprint, however small it was.

And yet, she was still pretty bored.

Having discovered this, Dee frowned again, and turned around slowly, searching for a diversion. She could practice Earthbending, but to tell the truth, she wasn't in the mood for serious work. What was she in the mood for? The slim girl cocked her head, thinking.

Dee was in the mood for people. It made sense; she loved being around people, talking to people, playing, even sparring with people. She was not a solitary person. So Dee went to find a person.

She didn't have to go far. She'd only walked a little way up the hill when she spotted someone sitting down. A stranger. Not surprising, there were a lot of people in Ba Sing Se. But there was something different about this stranger. He was serious. Dee wasn't sure if she should approach this person, so she paused, standing there, watching him.

Unfortunately, it seemed he had noticed her. Well, so much for not approaching him. If she left now, it would seem... weird. So she raised a hand and gave a friendly wave.

"Hi!" she called. "I'm Dee."
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Pause in the tracks.

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