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 Bending moves ((Please read))

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PostSubject: Bending moves ((Please read))   Thu Oct 28, 2010 2:22 am

Here is a list of moves for all benders, if you ever get lost for moves. but these aren't all the moves, if you want to make up some moves, just pm me an explanation of the move and how to perform it.


- Air shields
- Air Barrier
- Air marbles
- Air blast
- Air punch/kick
- Air swipe
- Air suction
- Breath of wind
- Enhanced speed
- Enhanced Agility
- Air funnel
- Air bomb
- Air ball
- Air vortex
- Air Wake
- Air blades
- Air spout
- Mini- tornadoes


- Earth & Stone Levitation
- Rock shield
- Earth smash
- Earth sinking
- Earthquakes/fissures
- Earth Block
- Earth Gauntlet
- quicksand
- Rock Slide
- Earth Column
- Earth Wall
- Earth Line
- Earth Material Manipulation (Coal, gems, crystals and other earth- based materials)
- Rock hanging
- Earth Launch
- Earth Shelter
- Earth Compression


- Fire streams
- Blazing Rings & Arcs
- Fire Bomb
- Fire Daggers
- Fire Whip
- Fire Blade
- Fire Lashes
- Fire Circle
- Shield of Fire
- Blocking Fire
- Fire Disks
- Wall of Flames
- Fire Augmentation
- Jet Propulsion


- Streaming The water
- Water Whips
- Water Jets
- Waves
- Water Bullets
- Water Walls/Water Shields
- Water Temperature Manipulation
- Water Pressure Manipulation
- Ice Spikes
- Ice Claws
- Ice Spear
- Ice Creeper
- Ice Shield
- Ice Discs
- Ice Line
- Breath of Ice
- Water Knife
- Water Cloak
- Water Cloak

Other types of bending

-Healing (waterbenders)
- Metalbending (Earthbenders- Advanced)
- Lightning (advanced firebenders)

any confusions or anything visit this site where i got the information from. CLick Here


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Bending moves ((Please read))

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